Wednesday, August 19, 2009

District 10

I just gotta post this, someppl told me after he watched district 9 that there is going to be District 10...I dun know how true it is cause i haven watch the movie yet. but i thing thats a lie. huhuhuhuhu. Im going to watch it soon pinGu and I'll found out.

Hahaha....Yeah right District 10..LOL

Woohoo looking forward for the holidays, Golf, Futsal and movies....

It's been a while

First of all, i would like to apologize for the dead blog. I've not been posting any stuff lately due to some reason. Anyway, hope that this blog is still alive and well.

Today, after coming back from skul, I ate my lunch and then i went to have an afternoon nap like i use to do everyday. But before that, I look at my hp and saw that someone send me a sms and it reminded me that its been a year since our beloved cousin ju liang went home.

Hmmm, well the first thing that crossed my mind was WOW!!! Its been a year since that thing happened. Time flies so fast even duke cant chase it. Anyway yeah, lots of things had happened since then.. We still get on with our own lifes. But over the time, we'll still think of JL. Times when we go dakei with bounty hunter, times when we play futsal with Celtic FC, times when we have family gathering, times when Z team kena

Yeah, people comes and go, earth is just our temporary home. The important thing is how we treat our love ones when we're still alive. Lastly, to Ju liang, I hope that ure enjoying urself in ur eternal home and hope that u have a great 1st year anniversary there. All the best and Cya in heaven lambachi bread =)

The legendary picture which i also took with johnny depp.

Glorious moment. Check it out. Me n JAck sparrow