Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hokkaido, Japan

This is my first serius post, me and my family went to hokkaido last year for holiday during the month december...Here are some pic taken during the tripp..... Me and my family
me and my bro
Dun feel like upload anymore, uploading to slow......

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I have return...And some ppl says this blog is dead, YOU'RE Wrong... You wanna know why? I will tell u why, CAUSE IM BACK.....HANDSOME POI IS BACK!!....= =!

Okay, my second post has something to do with the Oscar..not the name of a fish which oso have the same name Mine is the OSCARS!!!!

( oscar fish xb )

In other word, The 80th Academy award!!! I was there in the red carpet, and i met some of my long lost frens.....

I'm lazy to put all those photos which i took with the actor and actresses. So, i juz decided to put my personal favourite photo among all the other pics...Enjoy it :)

Once again, damn i look good.. Gotta love captain Jack..