Monday, January 5, 2009

A NEW DAWN.......

As you all know, we have a blog for our own Sunday School Younger Youth class... If you guys wanna post anything, just let me know ya...I will be more than happy to help u guys or girls to post up the things that you wanna blog... Beside that, if ure not too close to me or you still dont know me well, or worse still, u think im untrustable, you can always find Yilin, Faith or Austin to post up ur thing ya..haha

Anyway, for your information, I just posted the first post of the blog in that blog.
The link for the blog is And it is written by our beloved teacher Deric..So, go there and read the post...its will enjoy it like u enjoy the cendoll ad yee tao mai fan :)...till then..God bless

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Hey ppl, I have something to share...interested?
Today, Im late for school again..thats all..What more can I say!?
2nd day of school, i've already late for two comment..

First Day of SchooL in 2009

Today morning, I cant sleep well cause i was so excited of school reopen. I turned here and there on the bed because I hope to wake up on time so that I wont be late for the first day of school..
And so after a few hours, the alarm rang, i woke up at about 6.36 to be precised. Prepare stuff that we usually do before going to school and then my mum fetch me to school.

And then wahla, by the time I reached there, I heard the pengawas reading the Rukun Negara..which means Im late...thats what im talking about..LATE.crap. Nvm, later on i met a friend who was late too. I chat with him and some random anuties that sit beside us on the school bustop.

Later on, a prefect went out and call us to go in to the school compound. And the prefect was my friend. I told her that i would go in later, she refuse to listen and called me to go in immediately. And so, as usuall, they recorded my name and i went in to school.

After the assembly, One of my least favourite disiplin teacher came to me...the stupid thing is she always come to me with a smiley face, giving me a hope that everything will be just fine.. I though she was going to wish me happy new year or wat..

So this is our conversation, mine in red, hers in blue in chinese:
XianVoon ah XianVoon, this year form 5 already hor, why still cut this kind of hairstyle, you know the school dun allowed :) smiling happily..
But puan Lim, my hair is already so short, come on, cant u see its short, give chance la:( haih
No, no excuse, later wait for me in the disiplin room...smilling again...:)

So much for the new year wish...

Thank God, she gave me a chance to go home to cut. Thanks peter and her mum for the haircut..
Well, what a start for this new year..awesome..till then..peace