Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week full of events

Hey, had my A levels break during the past weeks.

Full of programs.

Had my driving test.


Well, I passed my driving test.

Thank God!

Went Genting with my frens from thursday to saturday.

Enjoyed much. 1st time roller coastal babeh. AWesome.

Thank God!

Learned lots of life lesson through this two programs during my break.

Bad and good lesson Ive learn.

But doesnt matter.

The important thing is learn from your own mistake.

Do it better next time.

No worries mate.

Good football match coming up.

Great! Cant wait to see Chelsea win the premier league.

Look forward! Don't hold back!

''Nice one'' Carlsberg.

Above and beyond.

Good trance they produced. Too good.

Fahrenheit. Magnificent.

John mayer's new album, Battle studies.

Fantastic. Wonderfull song he makes. Salute.


Bye and thanks :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Little genius call Messi

Today morning, i woke up at 2 45. While everyone was still dreaming in their own wonderland, i walked out to my living room and switch on the tv. All these things happened just for one purpose - To watch the much anticipated football match between arsenal fc and barcelona.

Just to cut short everything, barca won the match 4-1. Great score if ure a barcelona fan. Basically, what i wanna say is that theres a genius in this barca team, and his name is lionel messi. He score all 4 goals for barca. Not bad heh?

Last night, when we were having our family dinner at some restaurant, mr toman ask me whether messi is the best player in the world? Obviously my answer is NO. And those who knows me well, they will expect me to say Zinedine Zidane, and without any hesitation, that was indeed my answer. In my heart, Zidane is still the best footballer ever. Love it or hate it. woot

But after watching how messi single handledly destroyed arsenal, my decision kind of change for a moment, but not for long. Zidane still best. But messi is not far behind. I will only salute him if he wins the world cup this july. And if he really wins it, i will salute him like a salt solution, if you know what i mean. But dun get too anxious people, Cristiano ronaldo and wayne rooney is always lurking to get on top.

Messi, the little genius or probably the best footballer in the coming generation.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

POI story

People always tell me that my blog contains little pictures. So ,since i have some time to spare, let me show u some pictures you might find it interesting. This is the story of O WAH CHIEN. ENJOY!

The famous penang TAU SAR PIAH

Happy loves it!

Old Clement smiles.

Me at lifegame 2007.


Clifford far out!
Ben stares and ping giggles.
Joel look on to the....

Jason and brandon were astonished.

Jhow wei smiles with delight.
Daniel lost control.


Sadly, jpiing ate it!
Lian juang cant believe it.

Hilary accused jeffrey of eating it.

Jeffrey defends himself by pointing...

Jhow wei.

Daniel lost hope and falters.





The poi story. Hope u guys love it :)


Hi. Welcome to year 2010. Time goes by so fast. Like the speed of a dolphin dashing through the waves of the sea. Indeed. Anyway, Happy new year guys and gurls.

Many things happened throughout the past few weeks. Full of activities. Watching movies, dakei, futsal, shopping, stayovers, hangovers, pokerovers...u name it, we got it. And there were the ups and downs, hot and cold, sunrise and sunset, high tide and low tides in the past weeks. That is why only now i can update the blog.

Hmm. Lets start with the new younger youth class. Exciting. A class few with many kinds of people. Interesting class i must say. We have a big class this year. Hopefully the time we are going to spend together is big too, or should i say more than the previous year. ah in a nutshell, looking forward for this years Sunday school class.

This year is a year where i will have to study hard. Which i do not have a choice. Important year this is. Crap. I have nothing to blog.

Anyway, thank God we manage to win the inter-church futsal tourney...woohoo
And to those frens that are starting school today, happy schooling and enjoy ur high schook year.

Till then, take care. otai.

Welcome to the jungle.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So it was...

Greetings mate. Its been a long time since i blog. Nevertheless, im glad that im back. Hope that everyone is still as fit as a fiddle.

Just finished exam. Im utterly happy at the moment. Holiday starts tomorrow. Thanks to the pmr students. Btw, all the best in your exam pmr people.. Dun get too many A's, later it will put more pressure on you when u sit spm. Nah, just joking, try ur best and kick some ass.

Went chao gei just now. Itss okay. We just played an hour. glad to say that we lost both match. Thanks to someone. Actualy everyone of us just cant compete with them. Different standard.

Just got my haircut. I know its nice. Thank you. Had a chat with the saloon guy. Quite interesting conversation we had. It's about people nowaadays, not everyone but majority prefer to married someone who is rich rather than its kind or etc.

Well, that its true to a certain extend, but u have no right to judge people rite? It's true everyone have their own freedom. All i wanna say is that the day of genuine love and unconditional love is long gone. Nowadays, everything must have something in return. And you cant blame anyone. Blame it on the society.

In a nutshell, all i wanna say is that listen to your heart. And i am glad that people around me is still keeping the genuine love around. Happy to hear that u people are still following your heart. Come, standing ovation. Oh btw i give my congrates to amos and alicia. happy wedding.

Remember, True love never can be rent, but only true love can keep beauty innocent.
Quote from a legend. haha. Dunno why post this also anyway. And ya just to keep thing clear, im not writing this to comment or anything. its just a blog post for goodness sake. ITS JUST A BONG :) Chiqitita. adios amigos.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

District 10

I just gotta post this, someppl told me after he watched district 9 that there is going to be District 10...I dun know how true it is cause i haven watch the movie yet. but i thing thats a lie. huhuhuhuhu. Im going to watch it soon pinGu and I'll found out.

Hahaha....Yeah right District 10..LOL

Woohoo looking forward for the holidays, Golf, Futsal and movies....

It's been a while

First of all, i would like to apologize for the dead blog. I've not been posting any stuff lately due to some reason. Anyway, hope that this blog is still alive and well.

Today, after coming back from skul, I ate my lunch and then i went to have an afternoon nap like i use to do everyday. But before that, I look at my hp and saw that someone send me a sms and it reminded me that its been a year since our beloved cousin ju liang went home.

Hmmm, well the first thing that crossed my mind was WOW!!! Its been a year since that thing happened. Time flies so fast even duke cant chase it. Anyway yeah, lots of things had happened since then.. We still get on with our own lifes. But over the time, we'll still think of JL. Times when we go dakei with bounty hunter, times when we play futsal with Celtic FC, times when we have family gathering, times when Z team kena

Yeah, people comes and go, earth is just our temporary home. The important thing is how we treat our love ones when we're still alive. Lastly, to Ju liang, I hope that ure enjoying urself in ur eternal home and hope that u have a great 1st year anniversary there. All the best and Cya in heaven lambachi bread =)

The legendary picture which i also took with johnny depp.

Glorious moment. Check it out. Me n JAck sparrow