Friday, May 15, 2009


U cant stop the birds from flying over ur heads,
But u can stop it from building a nest on ur head. (MARTIN LUTHER)

Therefore my brothers, flee..flee from temptations.
Get on your boots and get yourself out from it, you will be awarded :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hello, im back! At least for a while.. Just to update my blog. So, yesterday I went to watched a movie with my schoolmates. It was a last minute plan but thank God everything turns out well :)

So, the movie that we watched is STAR TREK. Overall, I think that it was awesome, a well done movie... Enjoy it every second since I went in.. Not really a STAR TREK fan but after watching this, I think im becoming one soon. hehe. So my advice is go watch it if u haven, its damn worth it, at least for me :) woohoo USS ENTERPRISE...Gotta love it!

Maybe watching Wolverine tonight with lian juang, joshy, jp and others...woohoo. Man I gotta manage my time wisely.

Alrite..Till then, God bless :)