Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And The Sun will set for you......

He was once my inspiration, he was once my sole team mate of The Z-Team. He was the one who teaches us life lesson and he was the one who said that whatever happens..God never make mistakes. Someone once told me that ''Everything is a good thing'' and it's true that ah liang zhai is in a far greater place that we can ever imagine. We'll miss you...
Till then.........We meet again. All the best in Heaven, our beloved cousin brother :)

Happy time.....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Give Thanks

Dude, Im blogging at 2am in the morning. And it's a Thursday, it's a school day... Which means I may have high chances of being late to school today.
Lets hope not..

Anywayz, I just wanna Thank God for letting us going through to the finals of the streetsoccer of the mini olympic.

And it's not easy getting in to the finals.....So, Thank God once again....

Holiday is coming; Which means camp is drawing near too. woot. Feel the campness.............

Needd to sleep.... till then. Enough said

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hari Tuisi..

Today is a tution day. woke up at 10. tution at 10.30. went back at 12.30.
have lunch till 1.30. Sleep till 4.30. tution at 4.30 till 6.30. Have dinner till 8.
Went back home watch tv for some entertainment. lol. Quite entertaining.
Quite lifeless some may think. But for some reason Im quite happy bout it.
Maybe cause I've learned new things. STATISTICS :) Finished 4 questions
in an hour. Not a good achievement. Frankly speaking, ITS BAD. But as what
JP always told me, he said im a negative thinking person.
So, think it from the bright side, At least I have done something healthy.

Cut the crapt, the thing i want to say is, everything is a good thing. Look it from
the bright side. enough said...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Good Evening Ladies and GentleMEN :)

Due to the busynesss and stressness lately, I have not been updating lately. So, to release the stressness, Me and jp went to watch '' Penuggang Gelap'', which is as you all know ''The Dark Knight''. Ha..ha..haha..And I thought my jokes were bad... Moving on, Actualy the movie was awesome, but I already know most of the part because i watched the trailer almost evryday. Cause ITS ALL PART OF THE PLAN. To become a spoiler before we watch the movie. Haiz. but its was still great to watch. Anywayz , WHY SO SERIOUS? Everything is a good thing....So, LETS PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE :):):)
The Dark Knight

So there's the batman!

Here's my card...

Gordon got plans.....

Let's put a smile on that face...lololl

Just gotta remember the quotes. LOL. enough said.