Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So it was...

Greetings mate. Its been a long time since i blog. Nevertheless, im glad that im back. Hope that everyone is still as fit as a fiddle.

Just finished exam. Im utterly happy at the moment. Holiday starts tomorrow. Thanks to the pmr students. Btw, all the best in your exam pmr people.. Dun get too many A's, later it will put more pressure on you when u sit spm. Nah, just joking, try ur best and kick some ass.

Went chao gei just now. Itss okay. We just played an hour. glad to say that we lost both match. Thanks to someone. Actualy everyone of us just cant compete with them. Different standard.

Just got my haircut. I know its nice. Thank you. Had a chat with the saloon guy. Quite interesting conversation we had. It's about people nowaadays, not everyone but majority prefer to married someone who is rich rather than its kind or etc.

Well, that its true to a certain extend, but u have no right to judge people rite? It's true everyone have their own freedom. All i wanna say is that the day of genuine love and unconditional love is long gone. Nowadays, everything must have something in return. And you cant blame anyone. Blame it on the society.

In a nutshell, all i wanna say is that listen to your heart. And i am glad that people around me is still keeping the genuine love around. Happy to hear that u people are still following your heart. Come, standing ovation. Oh btw i give my congrates to amos and alicia. happy wedding.

Remember, True love never can be rent, but only true love can keep beauty innocent.
Quote from a legend. haha. Dunno why post this also anyway. And ya just to keep thing clear, im not writing this to comment or anything. its just a blog post for goodness sake. ITS JUST A BONG :) Chiqitita. adios amigos.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

District 10

I just gotta post this, someppl told me after he watched district 9 that there is going to be District 10...I dun know how true it is cause i haven watch the movie yet. but i thing thats a lie. huhuhuhuhu. Im going to watch it soon pinGu and I'll found out.

Hahaha....Yeah right District 10..LOL

Woohoo looking forward for the holidays, Golf, Futsal and movies....

It's been a while

First of all, i would like to apologize for the dead blog. I've not been posting any stuff lately due to some reason. Anyway, hope that this blog is still alive and well.

Today, after coming back from skul, I ate my lunch and then i went to have an afternoon nap like i use to do everyday. But before that, I look at my hp and saw that someone send me a sms and it reminded me that its been a year since our beloved cousin ju liang went home.

Hmmm, well the first thing that crossed my mind was WOW!!! Its been a year since that thing happened. Time flies so fast even duke cant chase it. Anyway yeah, lots of things had happened since then.. We still get on with our own lifes. But over the time, we'll still think of JL. Times when we go dakei with bounty hunter, times when we play futsal with Celtic FC, times when we have family gathering, times when Z team kena own...lol

Yeah, people comes and go, earth is just our temporary home. The important thing is how we treat our love ones when we're still alive. Lastly, to Ju liang, I hope that ure enjoying urself in ur eternal home and hope that u have a great 1st year anniversary there. All the best and Cya in heaven lambachi bread =)

The legendary picture which i also took with johnny depp.

Glorious moment. Check it out. Me n JAck sparrow

Friday, May 15, 2009


U cant stop the birds from flying over ur heads,
But u can stop it from building a nest on ur head. (MARTIN LUTHER)

Therefore my brothers, flee..flee from temptations.
Get on your boots and get yourself out from it, you will be awarded :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hello, im back! At least for a while.. Just to update my blog. So, yesterday I went to watched a movie with my schoolmates. It was a last minute plan but thank God everything turns out well :)

So, the movie that we watched is STAR TREK. Overall, I think that it was awesome, a well done movie... Enjoy it every second since I went in.. Not really a STAR TREK fan but after watching this, I think im becoming one soon. hehe. So my advice is go watch it if u haven, its damn worth it, at least for me :) woohoo USS ENTERPRISE...Gotta love it!

Maybe watching Wolverine tonight with lian juang, joshy, jp and others...woohoo. Man I gotta manage my time wisely.

Alrite..Till then, God bless :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hey peeps, hows ya week? Mine is moderate.. Firstly, Arsenal lost. But i believe they will still make it to the Finals cause God loves arsenal..haha. Secondly, Im going church camp esok..woohoo! 'Put ur hands up" haha.. Oh btw, if ure a U2 fan or even if ure not, go listen to their new song call MAGNIFICENT. The title of the song says it all.. its superb..Thank God that God created U2 haha...

Thats all for this time ppl...Cya next time. Till then, God bless :)

Brandon OUT

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gotta Give it Away

Sometimes, Life is just so complicated...Dont u think?
Therefore, you gotta give, gotta give it away.
Cause u cant hide, this love inside;
You gotta give it, give it, give it...GOTTA GIVE IT AWAY :)
Just gotta love the song. AWesome Possum.
Till then, God Bless.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Alright ppl, Its 11.50pm. It's still Easter Sunday. WOOHOO....It's Easter Sunday.. The Lord Has Risen!! Hallelujah !!

As it is written in the bible, the Son of God will be cruxified on the cross. And on the third day, he shall arise and be resurrected. Indeed, Easter is the day that JESUS CHRIST is resurrected. He has conquered death and all the sins of the world that we as sinners might have the chance to be forgiven by God...

The conseqeunces of sin is death and only through the death of Jesus Christ that we can be saved.. But Jesus has risen from the dead, He had overcome the power of death, Therefore, He has the power to forgive our sin if we come to Him and believe in Him.. For it is written in the bible, '' I am the resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live''. Therefore, we can have eternal life if we believe in Him.

So ppl, let us rejoice and celebrate this day because Jesus Christ had conquered death and Risen again...Happy Easter everybody, God bless :)


Thursday, April 9, 2009

GOOD FRIDAY, The Day of sorrows and of Joys

Hello peeps, hows everyone doing? Im glad I have no school today. Thank God. Therefore, im going to post something about Good friday...

According to what I know, Good friday used to be called God Friday because they say its the friday that God died for us...But later on, ppl changed to be called Good friday because its a good day. Its the day where all our sins where washed because of the death of Jesus Christ. And its the only way that we can reconcile and be together with God again..Therefore, its a very good thing..therefore its = Good Friday.

We shud be thankful today...because of God's love for us, He sent his only Son, Jesus to die for us..Not only that ppl, Jesus Died for us while we were still sinners...we are not worthy of that.. Think about it, how great is that? For example, is like if someone whack you in the face, u hugged him for that... Doesnt make any sense rite? That is what God did for us.. Jesus takes our sin and gives us His Salvation.

The Cross of Christ reveal the love of God at its best &The sin of the world at its worst.

Therefore, we should be thankful and glad of today..We shud be happy ppl...Happy Good friday everyone...God bless :)

In Christ Alone

Exam results

As ya'll know, i finished my 1st term exam...And I did not do well.
Overall, i think i can get better grades than these...
I should look up to oliver and JP..
They get awesome grades..like 9As and 90 over for bio..Awesome
Therfore, I shall gear up in order to do better next time :)


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Breaking Of A New Dawn ( Grand Opening )

Okay people, the moment has arrive...The breaking of a new dawn. Before i post anything, here are some breathtaking pictures worth to be see. Seeing is believing... Anywyz. I dun get it. Okay, pictures mate.

Sunset at Golden Sand..awesome

Sunset at Bentong...fantastic

Sunrise at Bayu Beach...magnificent

You know, I was just talking to my fellow gunners, Deric when we're watching the sunset together during the last day at the camp...Then I asked him, what were u thinking when ure looking at such beautiful and breathtaking view? Then if im not mistaken, i remember he asked me back, ''Eh poi, I know u r thinking of someone ( a girl ) when ure looking at the sunset, is it? Dun bluff..cheeky smile :)

Then I told him i was not, but to be honest, i was really not thinking of anyone during that time...
At that time, my mind was just enjoying that great moment, and I felt a kind of praisefullness or wateverness towards God, cant describe. My heart was just full of praise towards Him, and I was saying in my heart, You are such an amazing God, thank You for creating such wonderful things in this world for us to enjoy..Indeed Your works are fearfully and wonderfully made...How Great Is our God..How Great!!!

By the way, im glad Deric feels the same way as me when i told him....you know la..Him and me, we are ONE..rite..moving on...hohoho. but i still think he is thinking of someone at that moment...someone...someone.....someone..hehehe..lets not mention names okay..yeah..joking la k. No hard feelings..XD

Sometimes during our busy life, if we can just spend some time looking around those natural stuff that God had created for us, it can just makes us feel better and renewed. So, why dun we drive to Golden Sand everyweek to enjoy this breathtaking sunset? Anyway im not providing transport..haha. yeah so thats all I want to say for this time.. till then..God bless.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Breaking Of A New Dawn ( under construction)

Wassup crocodile, sorry for the disappearance ppl.. Just gotta admit im too busy this few weeks.. With the preparation of the Gospel camp, school's 1st term exam and much more not to be mention. Before that, let me post some pictures.

OKAY!! This is not what i have planned to be.. The internet tonight is freaking slow. Therefore, as the owner of this blog, I, Handsome Poi would like to apologize for all the incoveniences. Sorry peeps, dun boo me, boo the internet. till then...i will update as soon as possible. God bless :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

A NEW DAWN.......

As you all know, we have a blog for our own Sunday School Younger Youth class... If you guys wanna post anything, just let me know ya...I will be more than happy to help u guys or girls to post up the things that you wanna blog... Beside that, if ure not too close to me or you still dont know me well, or worse still, u think im untrustable, you can always find Yilin, Faith or Austin to post up ur thing ya..haha

Anyway, for your information, I just posted the first post of the blog in that blog.
The link for the blog is http://www.cbcyoungeryouth.blogspot.com/. And it is written by our beloved teacher Deric..So, go there and read the post...its good...you will enjoy it like u enjoy the cendoll ad yee tao mai fan :)...till then..God bless

No comment

Hey ppl, I have something to share...interested?
Today, Im late for school again..thats all..What more can I say!?
2nd day of school, i've already late for two times..no comment..

First Day of SchooL in 2009

Today morning, I cant sleep well cause i was so excited of school reopen. I turned here and there on the bed because I hope to wake up on time so that I wont be late for the first day of school..
And so after a few hours, the alarm rang, i woke up at about 6.36 to be precised. Prepare stuff that we usually do before going to school and then my mum fetch me to school.

And then wahla, by the time I reached there, I heard the pengawas reading the Rukun Negara..which means Im late...thats what im talking about..LATE.crap. Nvm, later on i met a friend who was late too. I chat with him and some random anuties that sit beside us on the school bustop.

Later on, a prefect went out and call us to go in to the school compound. And the prefect was my friend. I told her that i would go in later, she refuse to listen and called me to go in immediately. And so, as usuall, they recorded my name and i went in to school.

After the assembly, One of my least favourite disiplin teacher came to me...the stupid thing is she always come to me with a smiley face, giving me a hope that everything will be just fine.. I though she was going to wish me happy new year or wat..

So this is our conversation, mine in red, hers in blue in chinese:
XianVoon ah XianVoon, this year form 5 already hor, why still cut this kind of hairstyle, you know the school dun allowed :) smiling happily..
But puan Lim, my hair is already so short, come on, cant u see its short, give chance la:( haih
No, no excuse, later wait for me in the disiplin room...smilling again...:)

So much for the new year wish...

Thank God, she gave me a chance to go home to cut. Thanks peter and her mum for the haircut..
Well, what a start for this new year..awesome..till then..peace