Friday, November 28, 2008

Black AnD GoLD

Woke up at 12.30pm, wasted the whole morning.. Dreamed lots of funny stuffs. One of my dream was I dream of our church's youths went to a vacation or something, wasnt too sure and we stay in a big villa house. I dont know whose house is it, all I know is that it wasnt my house. Thank God. Then, for some reason I and some youths kena chase by other church's youths..Dude, it was scaary..I remember i had to climb out of a window and went to the roof just to escape. Unfortunately, We still kena caught at last but i cant remember what happened after that. woo..

Then, played Dota and did Ms tee hmwk for an hour. Later on, mom came back and went pasar malam to buy dinner. I ate the malay chicken rice. It was great but not as good as last time. But at least gotto eat it rite? Thats all for my day, going to watch some dvd later..Till then.. enough said..

Currently tuning in to SAM SPARRO: BLACK & GOLD :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PERANCIS ( Part 1 )

Bonjour everyone. Actually, I just found out that bonjour is composed of two words which is (Bon= Good and Jour= day) and ''bonjour'' in french means Helllo. Okay, talking about bonjour, since Im quite free, Im going to post something personal about myself.. And the something is My Favourite football country, in other words, the country I support during international Football competition like Euro or World Cup. And the country is FRANCE! woohoo.. Or the french call 'Les Bleus'. Here are some picture of the france.

France National Flag


The majestic Eiffel Tower.

Arc De Triomphe

France is a country whose metropolitan territory is located in western Europe and that also comprises various overseas islands and territories located in other continents. France was also known for their famous history. For example during the War of the first coalition which when they are lead by the great Napolean. Even now, France have still been one of the world's foremost powers since the latters half of the 17th century.

France is also one of the powerhouse in football, particularly in the 21th century. Before that, France football was also markedly improved during the captaincy of Michl Platini. They went on to win the Euro 84 under platini. Later on, France also won the 1998 Fifa world cup and the 2000 European Championship :) and they got second place in the 2006 fifa world cup :( Here some pictures of France Football in their glorious times, enjoy..

France Football Federation

Michel Platini

France 1998 football squad

Zidane showing some skill

Zidane scoring the first of his two goal :)

Happy Time

Zinedine Zidane ( ZIZOU )

France Football Squad in Euro 2000

Zidane showing some skill for Del piero
Looking Hot, Trezegueat, after scoring the Golden Goal
Even Mona Lisa smiles at Him
Euro 2000 Champions, France
Zidane Man of the hour :)

Time Flies

Last Sunday when i was rearranging the chairs in the worship hall at church after the Graduation Day, I saw few ppl trying to take out the VBS poster from the wall and etc. That very scene reminded me that I was climbing a ladder doing the same thing, which is taking out VBS poster, is just that there is a difference. The difference is, that is one year ago.. Time flies yea... Time is like moving at the speed of light into eternity.. Tonight, is our night...okay enough..

Many things had happen this year... Many indeed...There are good things and not so good things I would say. And I wont say out all the good and bad things that have happened. One of the good thing is Im getting older, which means I can get a girlfriend soon and the bad thing is Im getting older, which means im going to be old..okay..Get it? Okay..rite.. Its doesnt matter :) Another one is yea Harry potter is coming out next year but im having Spm next year... crapt..

Yeah, basically, a lot of things happened with a purpose. And is all planned out by God. And God plan all this things to happen to our lifes because God wants us to overcome the problem and be stronger day by day. And when next time the same thing occur again, we will know how to solve it the right way... So, that is my speech for today. Thank you, thank you very much :)

Congregations: Claps claps..standing ovation...Wohoo...okay enough said..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Summer Time

Eh eh eh, its 2.30am in the morning and guess what am i doing now? huh ? hehe? Dude, forget about it...Anywayz, yeah, im blogging at 2am in the morning and i have a high chance of getting late to skul. lol. Wait, Is holiday. What time is it? Summer Time! Is our vacation. Woohoo. Thank God is holiday..

Talking about vacation and holiday, I will be going to Pulau Penang this morning. And I'll be there for three days. So, I will be back at Sunday. Sadly, Im missing church for this week. So, see u guys next week. Jpiing lol. Hopefully, I will make it for futsal. Yea, anywayz this week song leader for Sunday School will be the one and only '' KALIFAH'' tag team with the undisputed champion ''YeworPETER''! claps . Woot. It's SOPHIA! Lol. She said she wanna try out, so she is going to replace me for this week's Sunday School worship. ENJOY! The worship you've been waiting for and u dunwan to miss it! So, wake up early, take ur bible, get a parking and grab a sit to watch this epic just kidding

Yea, So i will go penang and enjoy the food yea. Yummy. gummy bears...Okay...So, God bless :)
Enough said..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great Sunday

Last Sunday, as you all know, we had a class lunch sessions at 'Fusion Heaven' . Haha. It's was supposed to be a younger youth class outing but turns out even the Master life father was with his family so not counted. Anywayz yea lots of other classes ppl came, but who cares, its a gathering, everyone is invited :)

Had lunch there, at first I ordered fish & chips but it never came... So, decided to change to kimuchi unagi rice. It was not bad but the price is a bit expensive.. And my food came last. yeah.
After everyone was done, we had a sharing sessions. haha. Its was very fun..we get to hear funny stuffs and some lame Had a great lunch anywayz. fantastic!

Since it is holiday now, I have lots of free time. So, im gonna post the jokes that we heard last Sunday.

The jokers:

Meng ching: Hey, i have a joke to share. Which part of our body we can find both mickey mouse and donald duck?


Meng ching: Ok, no one guess it right? ok the anwser is . Derek can u pls take up ur leg.

Daniel: OH NOOOOOO! PLS DUN. OKAY CLASS. THATS ALL FOR THIS WEEK. See u guys next week in Sunday School.


Meng ching: Oklah, the anwser is ''this knee''=disney.


The secong jokes:

Daniel: Eh, I also got one joke. Cha siu pau and man tou went to watch a movie in the cinema. Why cha siu pau cry and man tou dint?

All: Er, eh how much ah the bill? How much i need to pay?

Daniel: Er, wait first, pay first.

Daniel: So, u all noe the anwser or not?

All: duno le?

Daniel: Because Cha siu pau have fillings=feelings and man tou dont have.

All: Rite..z..z.z.

Last joke:

Daniel: Eh, wait, one more. Then, when cha siu pau and tau sar pau went to watch movie in cinema.. Why cha siu pau cry and tau sar pau dint?

All: Why?

Daniel: Caause Tau sar pau have different fillings...yeah

All: Oklah go loh. Bye bye. See you next week. bye. God bless! Thanks ah!


Actually, I thought both teacher meng ching's and daniel's jokes were funny. It was really good. really. I told my mom and she laugh. hahahah. anywayz yea its was a great time and a great gathering. Enjoy it very much :) Looking forward to the next one..

Then, we went for futsal after that.Jpiing couldnt make it but we will play for him. He and us are one. Er... anywayz. Played quite well but not so well. Played with jeff's fren. Played with two teams. One team indian, another team malays. And we chinese. We shows some toleransi and bertolak ansur :) Happy.

Then, had cendoi sessions with daniel and derek and jeff and me and ben and yee san. Had a chit chat sessions there. Got some funny quotes. dude! Its really funny but is quite bad lah so cant tell u guys. LOL. futbal in his here! ok enough. Very nice time.

Thats my last Sunday, I really had a great time and looking forward for more of this kind of gathering. And i wanna Thank God for those happy time of fellowship together. That in this bad time of economy, we still can gather together and have fun. Thank God :)

Yeah. thats all. Enough said..


''You either die as a hero Or You live long enough to see yourself become the villian''

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chiquitita by ABBA :)

Jeffrey, I just go to post this song. For me, I think this song is awesome. Anywayz, this is a song by abba called chiquitita...woot..
Abba boleh! Jpiing, joel, joshua dan weng kit pun boleh! ( For SPM)
Abba boleh! Jeffrey pun boleh! ( random)

Chiquitita, tell me whats wrong
Youre enchained by your own sorrow
In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow
How I hate to see you like this
There is no way you can deny it
I can see that youre oh so sad, so quiet

Chiquitita, tell me the truth
Im a shoulder you can cry on
Your best friend, Im the one you must rely on
You were always sure of yourself
Now I see youve broken a feather
I hope we can patch it up together

Chiquitita, you and I know
How the heartaches come and they go and the scars theyre leaving
Youll be dancing once again and the pain will end
You will have no time for grieving
Chiquitita, you and I cry
But the sun is still in the sky and shining above you
Let me hear you sing once more like you did before
Sing a new song, chiquitita
Try once more like you did before
Sing a new song, chiquitita

So the walls came tumbling down
And your loves a blown out candle
All is gone and it seems too hard to handle
Chiquitita, tell me the truth
There is no way you can deny it
I see that youre oh so sad, so quiet

Chiquitita, you and I know
How the heartaches come and they go and the scars theyre leaving
Youll be dancing once again and the pain will end
You will have no time for grieving
Chiquitita, you and I cry
But the sun is still in the sky and shining above you
Let me hear you sing once more like you did before
Sing a new song, chiquitita
Try once more like you did before
Sing a new song, chiquitita

Try once more like you did before
Sing a new song, chiquitita

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Enjoyable Day

Woke up 8 45am this morning, which is not the usual time i used to wake up on saturday.

Anywayz, I woke up that early is because of the annual '' Hari Sukan'' of YTU. Then, rushed to church and followed Weng teik's car to the ''community hall'' . Actually , to be honest, we thought we are going to the seri petaling community hall but we ended up at a basketball court near the happy garden pasar pagi. But I ended up enjoying the activities like cat and mouse, captain ball and some mexican waves. Something happened when we are playing captain ball, we managed to scored a goal but then our ref ( jhow wei @ 007) is looking at the other side and then he turned his head back and said '' mou! mou!'' Bu shuan..dreams shattered =.= And so, we ended up losing 4-2. heartbreaking lol but i gotta say our team did well. Everyone played their best even angela scored. Thanks to jhow wei it was not counted.

Moving on, later we had our lunch with deric and lian juang at yee lok. I ate the chicken rice but before i could finish it, the kakak take my plate away. DUDE! I somemore tell her i still want the rice. Anywayz its okay, at least the kikapoo limau still taste great.

Then, we went to CC. Its the time we've been waaiting for. lol. Huhuhu get to revenge jhow wei for what he did this morning. Brandon poi just pawn @@7 ! lol. just joking. Anywayz quite enjoying but ended up so tired. The 4 Js left first( Joshua, jason, Ju piiing and joel) left first then only we left. Then, jhow wei suggested to go CEnDoii.

And so we went Cendoi and had some man to man talk and some laughter in the taxi stand. LoL.

Thats my day, I enjoyed it very much. And one more thing I want to thank God for is I finally know how to link. woohoo. So, Thank God for everything :)

Quote of the day:

joel, Joel, JOEL!!! GIVE ME THE GUITARRRRR!!! ( throw the guitar under the table )
Joel, sorry ah just now, Bu shi wo yao ma ni, wo de tou zhen de hen tong! Hohoho LOL LOL. enough said.