Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sport Barns

Today is the first day of another week of holiday. Thanks to those who are taking PMR :)
Anywayz had a game of futsal with my classmates and School friends in Sport Barns, Petaling Jaya, 53200 Selangor Dharul Ehsan.
Played quite well but not as well. But still okay cause manage to score two goals and pass some pretty ball to my teammate. But my teammate misses some of my pretty passes but its okay cause who doesnt make mistake? I do and you do too. So dont think you are damn good. But most importantly, we must have DETERMINATION in whatever things we do.
Okay! Cut the crapt...Anywayz I think my blog is going to die. I shud update more.
Yea, I shud....okay, enough said.