Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Breaking Of A New Dawn ( Grand Opening )

Okay people, the moment has arrive...The breaking of a new dawn. Before i post anything, here are some breathtaking pictures worth to be see. Seeing is believing... Anywyz. I dun get it. Okay, pictures mate.

Sunset at Golden Sand..awesome

Sunset at Bentong...fantastic

Sunrise at Bayu Beach...magnificent

You know, I was just talking to my fellow gunners, Deric when we're watching the sunset together during the last day at the camp...Then I asked him, what were u thinking when ure looking at such beautiful and breathtaking view? Then if im not mistaken, i remember he asked me back, ''Eh poi, I know u r thinking of someone ( a girl ) when ure looking at the sunset, is it? Dun bluff..cheeky smile :)

Then I told him i was not, but to be honest, i was really not thinking of anyone during that time...
At that time, my mind was just enjoying that great moment, and I felt a kind of praisefullness or wateverness towards God, cant describe. My heart was just full of praise towards Him, and I was saying in my heart, You are such an amazing God, thank You for creating such wonderful things in this world for us to enjoy..Indeed Your works are fearfully and wonderfully made...How Great Is our God..How Great!!!

By the way, im glad Deric feels the same way as me when i told him....you know la..Him and me, we are ONE..rite..moving on...hohoho. but i still think he is thinking of someone at that moment...someone...someone.....someone..hehehe..lets not mention names okay..yeah..joking la k. No hard feelings..XD

Sometimes during our busy life, if we can just spend some time looking around those natural stuff that God had created for us, it can just makes us feel better and renewed. So, why dun we drive to Golden Sand everyweek to enjoy this breathtaking sunset? Anyway im not providing transport..haha. yeah so thats all I want to say for this time.. till then..God bless.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Breaking Of A New Dawn ( under construction)

Wassup crocodile, sorry for the disappearance ppl.. Just gotta admit im too busy this few weeks.. With the preparation of the Gospel camp, school's 1st term exam and much more not to be mention. Before that, let me post some pictures.

OKAY!! This is not what i have planned to be.. The internet tonight is freaking slow. Therefore, as the owner of this blog, I, Handsome Poi would like to apologize for all the incoveniences. Sorry peeps, dun boo me, boo the internet. till then...i will update as soon as possible. God bless :)