Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So it was...

Greetings mate. Its been a long time since i blog. Nevertheless, im glad that im back. Hope that everyone is still as fit as a fiddle.

Just finished exam. Im utterly happy at the moment. Holiday starts tomorrow. Thanks to the pmr students. Btw, all the best in your exam pmr people.. Dun get too many A's, later it will put more pressure on you when u sit spm. Nah, just joking, try ur best and kick some ass.

Went chao gei just now. Itss okay. We just played an hour. glad to say that we lost both match. Thanks to someone. Actualy everyone of us just cant compete with them. Different standard.

Just got my haircut. I know its nice. Thank you. Had a chat with the saloon guy. Quite interesting conversation we had. It's about people nowaadays, not everyone but majority prefer to married someone who is rich rather than its kind or etc.

Well, that its true to a certain extend, but u have no right to judge people rite? It's true everyone have their own freedom. All i wanna say is that the day of genuine love and unconditional love is long gone. Nowadays, everything must have something in return. And you cant blame anyone. Blame it on the society.

In a nutshell, all i wanna say is that listen to your heart. And i am glad that people around me is still keeping the genuine love around. Happy to hear that u people are still following your heart. Come, standing ovation. Oh btw i give my congrates to amos and alicia. happy wedding.

Remember, True love never can be rent, but only true love can keep beauty innocent.
Quote from a legend. haha. Dunno why post this also anyway. And ya just to keep thing clear, im not writing this to comment or anything. its just a blog post for goodness sake. ITS JUST A BONG :) Chiqitita. adios amigos.