Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hey peeps, hows ya week? Mine is moderate.. Firstly, Arsenal lost. But i believe they will still make it to the Finals cause God loves arsenal..haha. Secondly, Im going church camp esok..woohoo! 'Put ur hands up" haha.. Oh btw, if ure a U2 fan or even if ure not, go listen to their new song call MAGNIFICENT. The title of the song says it all.. its superb..Thank God that God created U2 haha...

Thats all for this time ppl...Cya next time. Till then, God bless :)

Brandon OUT

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gotta Give it Away

Sometimes, Life is just so complicated...Dont u think?
Therefore, you gotta give, gotta give it away.
Cause u cant hide, this love inside;
You gotta give it, give it, give it...GOTTA GIVE IT AWAY :)
Just gotta love the song. AWesome Possum.
Till then, God Bless.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Alright ppl, Its 11.50pm. It's still Easter Sunday. WOOHOO....It's Easter Sunday.. The Lord Has Risen!! Hallelujah !!

As it is written in the bible, the Son of God will be cruxified on the cross. And on the third day, he shall arise and be resurrected. Indeed, Easter is the day that JESUS CHRIST is resurrected. He has conquered death and all the sins of the world that we as sinners might have the chance to be forgiven by God...

The conseqeunces of sin is death and only through the death of Jesus Christ that we can be saved.. But Jesus has risen from the dead, He had overcome the power of death, Therefore, He has the power to forgive our sin if we come to Him and believe in Him.. For it is written in the bible, '' I am the resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live''. Therefore, we can have eternal life if we believe in Him.

So ppl, let us rejoice and celebrate this day because Jesus Christ had conquered death and Risen again...Happy Easter everybody, God bless :)


Thursday, April 9, 2009

GOOD FRIDAY, The Day of sorrows and of Joys

Hello peeps, hows everyone doing? Im glad I have no school today. Thank God. Therefore, im going to post something about Good friday...

According to what I know, Good friday used to be called God Friday because they say its the friday that God died for us...But later on, ppl changed to be called Good friday because its a good day. Its the day where all our sins where washed because of the death of Jesus Christ. And its the only way that we can reconcile and be together with God again..Therefore, its a very good thing..therefore its = Good Friday.

We shud be thankful today...because of God's love for us, He sent his only Son, Jesus to die for us..Not only that ppl, Jesus Died for us while we were still sinners...we are not worthy of that.. Think about it, how great is that? For example, is like if someone whack you in the face, u hugged him for that... Doesnt make any sense rite? That is what God did for us.. Jesus takes our sin and gives us His Salvation.

The Cross of Christ reveal the love of God at its best &The sin of the world at its worst.

Therefore, we should be thankful and glad of today..We shud be happy ppl...Happy Good friday everyone...God bless :)

In Christ Alone

Exam results

As ya'll know, i finished my 1st term exam...And I did not do well.
Overall, i think i can get better grades than these...
I should look up to oliver and JP..
They get awesome 9As and 90 over for bio..Awesome
Therfore, I shall gear up in order to do better next time :)