Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Time flies like the AirAsia in the sky, Time swims like the Haruan in Bentong, Time runs like Zoey from the zombies, Time invis like bone fletcher from Dota...

Anyway, as u all noe, today is the last day of 2008, which is 31 december of 2008. Some ppl will be jumping with joy that the new year is coming, others will be sad that this year is coming to an end.. Okay, to cut short, it means some are happy and some are sad with the coming of the new year.

To me, 2008 consist of both good and bad. There are lots of good things and bad things that had happened throughout this year.. But time passes, and we gotto get over those things whether u like it or not..
Therefore looking foward, next year is 2009...And everyone knows its gonna be a challeging year ahead.

To add the spice, Im going to sit for SPM next year..And its an important exam to start of a good career. Besides that, we all know that the economy will go worse throughout the next year...
But looking at the brightside, there is still good things that are gonna happen next year..Like someone getting married or wat...I dunt noe..haha.

So, let us just welcome year 2009 with our open arms, whether we like it or not..haha
Before I end, I just wanna thank everyone for helping in year 2008 and thank God for guilding us through this whole year...

So, lets us continue to put our faith in God no matter what happens in 2009..woohoo

Before I end the last word in my blog in 2008....i just wanna say:


Sunday, December 28, 2008


Anyway, went futsal and played with daniel's friends just now... And i gotta say, I played badly.
Come on man, I played super bad on Last Tuesday and today I played badly again..Haih
What is wrong? I think I off form... And its super off form... Once again, I must look at the brightside.. Thanks jeff for saying to me that I played not that bad :) And Jpiing for the encouragement..It's comforting... Therefore, lets be optimistic, theres still one more match tomorrow and lets hope that I played utterly better than this two previous matches..

And for my brother who played the song in the car: hohohooho

In search of inspiration...ZIDANE :)

LAstly, Thank God for today..Remember, in everything thank GOd...u wont be dissapointed:)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Time

First of all, I wanna wish everyone Merry christmas... Blogging in christmas day is like lifeless rite? Anyway, it doesnt matter... Christmas Day is the day where Jesus Christ was born people!
SO PUT YOUR HANDS UP TO REJOICE YA!!! Anywayz, to cut short the whole story, i just wanna post this wonderfull song that even our own beloved Pastor Chua loves it..haha

long time ago in bethlehem
so the holy bible say
mary's boy child jesus christ
was born on christmas day
hark now hear the angels sing
a new king born today
and man will live forevermore
because of christmas day
trumpets sound and angels sing
listen what they say
that man will live forevermore
because of christmas day

Haha, I cant post the whole song, sorry cause its too long... And for some reason when i copy and paste it, it will all stick together and become very messy..So, I just decided to put up the first stanza of the song...Which explains all about christmas.. HUHUHu

Anywayz, HOHOHO and merry Christmas once again...ENJOY! Oh Yea, here are Some exclusive behind the scene pictures during the ALL FOR YOU, CHRISTMAS RALLY CAMPAIGN...woohoo
See? Even we were so excited and pumped up for the rally! Passionate, haha
And im proud to be one of them too..LOL (ALL FOR YOU MOU?)
Crapt, I cant believe im there

Friday, December 19, 2008


JOy to The World, The Lord is come.. ALL FOR YOU IS HERE PPL ! Gird up ur armor, Sons of Zion. Anyway..yeah..Christmas Rally is finally here...The long wait is over...woohoo
So, today morning I woke up early to go to help out for the decoration thing in Hotel Sri Petaling..We walk up and down... Run here and there..At about 5, it was all done..I think. Yea, here are some exclusive pics of our deco..Scolari loves it..

Me, Amos and peters masterpiece :)

The invicible snowman..Some ppl say its hanging :(

My own masterpiece..Xmas tree

The Stage before the light is open

The stage after the light is open.. actually..
Praise the Lord cause Christmas Rally is here ppl, So enjoy it...Hopefully this picture still looks nice when u guys saw it..And most importantly, hopefully everything will go well as expected...Lets just leave it to God to do the rest.. And to be honest, I edit the pics abit..hehe

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yesterday, I went to my cousin's house to have my dinner.. Awesome dinner...Auntie Annie aka Ah Kim buns was awesome. It's the first time I get to eat 4 buns till my stomach burst...Yee Zhai Yok once more...Fun time..Here are some pics...2 Pics actually :)

Jpiing wishes you a MERRY CHRISTMAS...HOHOHO..LOL

Ju Xing is in the house... TOMAN....LOL

Sunday, December 14, 2008


My last weekend started of at saturday morning... When joshua the daywalker told me to teman him and jason to go tracting.... So, I woke up about 7 45, prepared everything.. Weared the ALL FOR YOU shirt. (Damn, i looked good with that shirt ) Er... Anyway.. Moving on, then at about 8 45, my mom fetched me to church and I met joshua and jason there.. And so, our journey of to the tracting begins..

Our destination is before salak south the slope that area..not sure what they call the place.. Yea, so we gave out the flyers to the resident by putting it into the mailbox or giving them straight away and briefly describing whats the flyers about.. After about an hour, we finished giving out the flyer...Then, we went to have our breakfast at the what they calll '' THE GOLDEN CHOPSTICK '' After that, We went to dakei..woohoo...We played life4dead. Awesome Game..

After that, we went back church...Joshua was preparing for the TU worship..I was having some time of fellowship with zhi yong, Daniel and peter..Later, the TU start..Pastor Ang told us about the differences between a Christian and a Roman Catholic.. Which obviously, Christian is much better...

Later on, I went home to take a bath and headed to Jpiing's house :) THE BBQ..
Went there, they already started the fire.. Then, wanted to have some fried meehoon but it was finished....But its okay cause by the end of the night I was quite full thanks to some chicken wings, fish balls and hot dogs...Then, we have a surprise party for my brother Even I dint knew about the surprise thing.. doode...But he says he knew about it..So...yea
Moving on people, I played MAFIA. I thought it was an awesome game of MOMENTS...AWesome...

Later that night, We went to dakei in ZONE X. Haha. Then at about two, we went to jpiing house to stay over.. Before we slept, had some crazy moments...LOL..anywayz sorry cant share about it.. ITS PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL :)

After a night of insaneness, We managed to wake up for Sunday School..Thank God..wohooo and thanks to jpiings alarm.. Then, me and my bro headed home to have a washed up and gone to Sunday School.. Sunday school was fun..Its started off nicely but it ended up seriously..But u cant have fun everytime right? Sometimes its better to be serious and think about urself, think about what has happened in ur life and think about how God has helped us throughout our lifes...yeA

Later on, had lunch with jpiing, joshua, jason and peter in salak selatan..We had wantan mee.. It's consider nice actually... After that, Bought some yao zha kui...It's darn good..YEE ZHAI YOK.. Then, went home to have some rest..

Then, we went to futsal at about 5 30 to 8pm... I actually think I played quite well to be honest, although I made some stupid mistake.. Maybe im becoming a optimist..woohoo..

At about 7 30, Derek arrived.. Derek mok..My We called him to play but he say he dunwan cause our playing style is high tempo. But after some ajaking, He finally decide to come in... I must say.. He played very well..Very well indeed..Hope to see u playing with us more often Derek.. Then, we went home... Sorry ah, ping.. sorry... LOL

Very satisfying weekend I must say....Im happy with it..Thank God..enough said.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As you all know Bentong is located near Raub.. And Raub is located in pahang state.. Since Bentong is near Raub..That means Bentong is located in Pahang state too :)

Okay, Cut the crapt... Last Saturday, Me, ben, Jpiing, Hugge guy Joel and many other relatives went to bentong to have fishing sessions.. You noe, Bentong is where all the fishing ppl meets..yea. something like a conference for fishermans and fisherman Friends..
So, We leaved for bentong at about 7am in the morning. My bro is driving.. And the plan is following Uncle Richard's which is joel's dad car...But for some reason, Uncle Richard drove very fast..Like trying to break his all time bentong

Then, we reached at Bentong town to have our breakfast... I must say, the food is quite awesome..Thank God, i get to eat the cha siu paow...Then, later we continued our journey to Raub...

About another half an hour, we reached our destination..The smell of the Fresh air, the sound of pariah dog barking, the crow of the rooster, the sight of the cow dunk is just spectacular...You cant get that anywhere in Kuala Lumpur...hehe

Met jeffrey there, then we started fishing... Cut the story short, everyone enjoyed very much... Cause everyone caught fishes.. After that, Jpiing's dad teach us to take out the liver and all those intestinal stuffs from the fish...It was quite disgusting but at least i learn to do something new..haha

We managed to brought back some haruan zhai and we named them '' Siu Pang YAo'' which means small friends...haha.. later on, we had dinner nearby, its was awesome..awesome food especially the deep fried tilapia..woohoo

Lastly, It was a great day of fellowship and fishing....Better than I expected cause later on we went DA KEI...huhuhu... Here are some pics..enjoy...

The house at the farm

Awesome View from the pondok

Ben with his prize catch

Hey, Im jeff, U want me to fish u?

Me posing with jeffrey...but jeffrey dunwan post with me :(

Dint get the chance to eat it :(

So, that was bentong trip.... Still got some picture not with me... So i will post it next time..Till Then...chaoz...

PERANCIS ( Part 2)

Okay, now its the second part of french football... At the last episode, which is the part 1, is all about the victorious side of french football....but just as i hate it, French football is going down....
Okay, lets start with Fifa world Cup 2002.. France going in the world cup ranking number 1 in the world after they won both the world cup 98 and euro 2000...

And so, the qualifying table for france is as follows:

And then, The results is as follow:

If ure not a france's fan, you will be very glad to see the scores... But if u are....u noe..speechless..
DUDE... It's like France dint even score a single GOAL in this tournament....
Here are some picture of despair:

France opening match againts senegal, which they lost...

Senegal scores...

Injured Zidane and cisse can only look on with despair

France againts Uruguay..Henry got red carded..but thank God they drew.. Hope is cendral....

France againts Denmark..Which sadly they lost....
Zidane taking a Free kick.

Even the Talisman cant help France...

So, Thats it for France 2002 world cup to Korea and Japan...Au revoir France..