Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hi. Welcome to year 2010. Time goes by so fast. Like the speed of a dolphin dashing through the waves of the sea. Indeed. Anyway, Happy new year guys and gurls.

Many things happened throughout the past few weeks. Full of activities. Watching movies, dakei, futsal, shopping, stayovers, hangovers, pokerovers...u name it, we got it. And there were the ups and downs, hot and cold, sunrise and sunset, high tide and low tides in the past weeks. That is why only now i can update the blog.

Hmm. Lets start with the new younger youth class. Exciting. A class few with many kinds of people. Interesting class i must say. We have a big class this year. Hopefully the time we are going to spend together is big too, or should i say more than the previous year. ah in a nutshell, looking forward for this years Sunday school class.

This year is a year where i will have to study hard. Which i do not have a choice. Important year this is. Crap. I have nothing to blog.

Anyway, thank God we manage to win the inter-church futsal tourney...woohoo
And to those frens that are starting school today, happy schooling and enjoy ur high schook year.

Till then, take care. otai.

Welcome to the jungle.

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