Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week full of events

Hey, had my A levels break during the past weeks.

Full of programs.

Had my driving test.


Well, I passed my driving test.

Thank God!

Went Genting with my frens from thursday to saturday.

Enjoyed much. 1st time roller coastal babeh. AWesome.

Thank God!

Learned lots of life lesson through this two programs during my break.

Bad and good lesson Ive learn.

But doesnt matter.

The important thing is learn from your own mistake.

Do it better next time.

No worries mate.

Good football match coming up.

Great! Cant wait to see Chelsea win the premier league.

Look forward! Don't hold back!

''Nice one'' Carlsberg.

Above and beyond.

Good trance they produced. Too good.

Fahrenheit. Magnificent.

John mayer's new album, Battle studies.

Fantastic. Wonderfull song he makes. Salute.


Bye and thanks :)

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